Help: Text Search
This search seeks an exact match to whatever you type, but only in the REMARKS field of each knife variation. Tip: Be as short and specific as possible. The search will be exactly as you type it: typing Wayne and then John will not find John Wayne.

Learning suggestion: Type "War" and search. Putting "war" in the text search finds 132 knives, which is probably too many to look thru. Also war also matches part of toWARd, forward, warden, so you also get any knives with those unwanted words in Remarks. Typing "Civil War" on the other hand, gets 15 matches. But you must still be careful. Typing "WWII" might work, but only if the BladeMaster didn't type "WW II" with a space. "World War II" might work, but only if the Blademaster didn't type "World War 2". In other words it may take a few tries to find what you seek.

Learning suggestion: Type "VII" in text search, as if you wanted to see the knives in Limited Edition Series VII. 88 knives or so should appear, which is any more than the 17 knives currently listed in Limited Edition VII. So what happened? You also got knives from LE VIII, since it has VII inside it. You also got XVII and XVIII limited editions for the same reason. Now type in " VII " and search. Note that there is a space in front and following Roman numeral VII. The result is the 17 knives in the Limited Edition Series VII, including both the mint set and regular set. If you just want to see the knives in a given limited edition, this is one way to do it.

With care and perseverance, the text search may find knives you might not get elsewhere.