Help: Sub Patterns

What makes a sub pattern in the Masters guide?

  1. A different frame or shape with the same pattern number
  2. The bolster count.
  3. The blade configuration.
  4. The blade count.
By splitting the patterns into sub patterns the Blade Master gives the pattern collector enormous flexibility. Clicking on pattern 54 shows 20 different sub patterns or families of knives. For example if you wanted to collect single blade trappers with two bolsters, you can find this sub pattern, then click on show knives and the 25 trappers found so far with two bolsters and a single blade will appear.

Here's some background on sub patterns.

As the Blade Master worked, he began to notice that some knife patterns were reused by the Case factory. When you say a pattern 54, most collectors would think of this trapper.

Earlier, on the other hand, the factories had designated the 54 pattern for knives that looked like this:

Finally, while the modern era factory used 54 for its famous trapper line, they also began to make 54 patterns that looked like this.

Clearly, these are all distinctly different knives and merit a sub pattern designation. But that is not all,

This is clearly a two blade trapper but it is distinctly different from the first one of these shown. This is also a distinct family of knives. And what about this?

Once again, a distinct family of knives because of the three blade configuration. And finally, there is this.

This is still a 54 trapper, but it has a single bolster. It is called a barehead. No matter what your collecting area, The Master's Guide can help you find what you are looking for.