Help: Model Number
For best results, type in the “Simple” model number. For many knives the tang stamp model number is the simple model number. The top picture shows model number 6392. This is the simple model number.
You can type in the whole model number stamp as it appears on the knife, but this is not recommended at this time. WHY? In the middle 3 pictures, if you do not get the spacing and punctuation exactly right, your search results may not provide every knife you are seeking. 6347 is the simple model number for all three 6347 examples at right.
More modern model numbers may be more complex. The bottom picture shows a complex stamp --ROG6254 D. The simple version of this complex stamp is 6254.
If the model number has a ½ symbol, you have several options:
  1. Type it using the single character -- ½
  2. Type it using the three characters -- '1', '/', and '2'
  3. Type it as .5 (the decimal equivalent for ½).  Ex:  6225½, type 6225.5.