Help: Blade Material Search
For generations, Case made knives with stainless steel blades or regular steel called Chrome Vanadium. If you search on either of these fields you will get thousands of knives unless you further limit the search by year or handle, or something else. However, Case added Damascus steel to its line in 1989, and some expensive stainless steels later. If you want to collect a special blade material, this is for you.

Learning Suggestion:
  1. Click on Damascus and search. You should see at least 102 Damascus bladed knives.
  2. Click on Damascus, and type 5254 in the model number field and search. At least 8 knives will be found, all stag trappers with Damascus blades.
  3. Click on Damascus steel, type 5254 in the model number field, and 1990 in the second year range block, leaving the first blank. The search should show Damascus bladed stag trappers made in or before 1990.