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KnifeDB.com provides information on over 15,000 Case XX pocket knives for collectors. From the early pocket knife eras that were tang stamped "Case Brothers", "W. R. Case and Sons", or "Case Tested" to the modern "CASE XX" and "Case XX USA" eras, the Collectors' Guide attempts to provide as much data as possible on every Case brand folding knife available, including knives made after 1969.

Looking for a particular shield? See all diamond-shaped shields used by Case over the years as well as every single knife that has that shield. Really like Chrome Vanadium blades and bone handles? Search through our knives to find to find the perfect match. John Wayne buff? We have many pocket knives released by Case in his honor right at your fingertips. Never has the Case XX pocket knife collector had such simplified access to so much information about the knives made by W. R. Case and Sons. Thousands of different knife searches are possible.

Looking for a particular knife? Find it on KnifeDB.com!

We believe this is the most comprehensive collection of Case XX pocket knife information available from any source and continues to be updated daily!